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Introducing: The Fall 2017 Yoga Journey

    There is only one thing you're guaranteed to do better than anyone else: be yourself. 

    It may have been a long, wandering path but now you're in a pretty good place. You have a vision of how wonderful your life could be. Maybe you have business or a service or a contribution you're ready to birth into the world. Or maybe you're ready to let go of old patterns and live each day with more joy and peace. But... This ideal vision of your life is taking a beating from real life.  

     You're tired and overwhelmed by the demands of daily life that just keep coming. You're not sure how to move forward while still providing food and shelter for yourself and those who rely on you. Despite your best intentions you're stuck on this hamster wheel of how things have always been. But you know that abandoning your dream and not being true to yourself is NOT an option. Because it feels like dying inside. 

It doesn't have to be this way. I know, 'cause I've been there.

      We modern people may have forgotten, but the yogis new it: desire and vision aren't enough in life.  You need a strong nervous system so you can handle the immense loads of stress you'll encounter. You need a strong energetic field so your presence does the work for you: attracting opportunities and buffering you from harm. You need a strong connection to your inner knowing so you can intuit the way forward on a moment-to-moment basis.  These are all quantities of the Radiant Body, part of the yogic energy anatomy and our focus for the Fall Yoga Journey. This is a particularly powerful focus because 2017 represents the Radiant Body numerologically. Whether you know it or not, you're Radiant body is being tested this year. (Have you been feeling it? I sure have. That's why this Yoga Journey we will be building our Radiance so we can end this year in Victory, one step closer to our highest happiness and destiny. 

     Since 2004 I've been leaning pretty hard on Yoga and meditation to give me the inner strength and guidance I need to move me toward my goals. It's worked, and much better than I ever thought it would.

    The primary purpose of yoga and meditation is to help you connect to your soul and to unlock the intuition (and deep satisfaction) that comes from being deeply connected to your own inner being. When this connection is strong your have a inner radar for what connections, opportunities and relationships will further your healing. We will also be using yoga exercises, technology based on the qualitative observations of yogis over 1000s of years, to increase the strength of nervous and glandular systems so that we can physically meet the demands of building a new life for ourselves.  

      Included in the Fall Yoga Journey is the Winter Solstice Celebration workshop: Dec. 21 at 6:30 pm. This is a cosy and celebratory class where we come together to celebrate and meditate on light in a time of darkness. 

      Healing "Gong Baths" will be included in the yoga journey. At least once a month, class will feature an enhanced relaxation period with the healing power of a symphonic gong played live. The immersive sound waves of the gong wash away stress and tension from every cell of the body, that's why they call it a gong bath!

   The Fall Yoga Journey is an excellent continuation and deepening of the work of the Summer Yoga Journey. But it is also a supportive place where beginner yogis can dive in and by then end of the class become daily meditators. As a group we'll journey together in to the world of yoga and meditation, using as our guide into the powerful themes of authenticity, radiance, and balance. 

    The Fall Yoga Journey is a 4 month journey of weekly yoga classes culminating in a 40 day meditation practice. 

In the course of the Fall Yoga Journey you will learn:

    - The five foundational yoga exercises that build core strength and flexibility so that you can stay feeling young and limber and have the energy to meet your goals.
    - The secrets of deep meditation, so that you can know yourself and feel greater calm and clarity about the present and the future.  
    - The healing technology of Kundalini yoga Kriyas. A Kriya is a prescribed set of yoga exercises for a specific purpose: i.e. build the aura, deeply relax, support lungs and circulation... You'll learn how to use the wisdom of Kriya to support your own personal healing. 
    - Three crisis kit meditations: simple breath exercises that you can use to calm yourself--any time, anywhere.
    - The four strategies you need to form a solid daily practice that carries your forward long after class is over.

The Yoga Journey is more than your typical yoga class:

    - 90 minute classes give time for yoga, AND to relax and meditate.
    - Mats and props provided.
    ​- Tea and a little social time after each class. An uplifting Sangat (community) is a beautiful support to any kind of positive growth.
    ​- Small classes. Since it's 9 people or less in a class, you'll have individual attention from the instructor as well as the support of a group.  You'll get individual tips on how to modify exercises to accommodate where your body is that week.
    - Each session is its own closed, committed group. So you'll journey with a cadre of like minded folks all Fall. You'll have the safety--and accountability--of seeing the same faces every week.

    - Photocopies or links to the meditations and Yoga Sets taught by request.
    - A Gong Bath relaxation as part of the class at least once a month.

    - Free admission to the Winter Solstice Class.
    - Group participation in a 40 day meditation in Nov. A forty day meditation is when you do the same meditation every day for forty days. If you haven't already started a daily practice, this is a chance to experience how the benefits of daily meditation can unfold in your life. Sometimes I've experienced profound shifts during a forty day meditations, other times the changes were subtle, but I always feel they move me forward. Forty day meditations are the cornerstone of my daily practice. I'm basically always in the middle of one!
    - New Yogi Orientation Classes: Sept. 5th at 9:30 am or 6:30 pm. This bonus class is geared to students who are new to yoga, new Kundalini Yoga, or who just want to ease into the yoga journey.  You'll get introduced to the basics and have plenty of time for questions.
    - Free admission to the Monthly Community Drop-in Yoga Classes: the second Saturday of the Month (usually), 10 am, at 269 Park St in Lewiston.

Dates for the Upcoming Monthly Community Drop-In Classes:

Aug 12 *Not included in the Fall Yoga Journey, but if you're new to me, I highly suggest you come! Fee is $10-20, sliding scale.
Sept. 9
Oct. 14
Nov. 4

Dec. 9

The Nuts and Bolts:

- Basic Logistics and Scheduling -

The yoga journey includes: 
      - weekly 90 minute yoga classes, mats and props provided, tea and a little social time after.

Two sessions are offered (pick the one that works best for you):
               Mondays at 6:30 pm
               Tuesdays at 9:30 am

- Classes start the week of Sept. 11th
- the last regularly scheduled weekly classes are Dec. 18th and 19th.
- Starting in Nov. we'll begin a 40 day meditation home study along side the weekly classes. The whole class will be committing to doing a 11 minute mediation every day for 40 days. 
- Two New Yogi Orientation classes are offered for students new to yoga, Kundalini yoga, or who just want to ease into the class: Sept. 5th at 9:30 am or 6:30 pm. 


The Fall Yoga Journey is $320.

You can pay in full or in two parts. $160 when you sign up and a second $160 by Oct. 9th. If this is a hardship for you, talk to me about an individual payment plan. 

You can pay online here.

Early Bird offer:

If you apply and pay your down payment by Aug. 28th you get a free half hour Reiki energy work session from me. 

Seva (Service) Opportunity: If you have more time than money right now, I am open to having one Seva student. He or she would get the Journey for half price if they are able to come before class on Monday each week and vacuum (Or even on Sunday evening), sweep or otherwise do light cleaning of the yoga area. It would be about a half hour of work. 

Premium Offers:

Massage and energy work are a great addition to yoga and help release physical tension and open up energy blocks in the body.

Add four half hour massage or energy work sessions to your journey: $468 or two payments of $234

Add four hour massages to your journey: $588 or two payments of $294

Add four 90 min Massages to your journey: $708 or two payments of $354


Class is in downtown Lewiston, ME. Address and parking information given at sign up. 

A Chance to try it out.

    The Yoga Journey is a commitment, and many people are new to me and to Kundalini Yoga. I want every one of my yoga students to really want to be part of the Yoga Journey.  

      If you're on the fence about joining the Yoga Journey, you can attend the Sept. 5th Beginners Class, come to the first Yoga Journey class, AND attend the Saturday Drop In class on Sept. 9th before you decide for sure if you want to continue with the rest of the Journey. If you drop the class at this point you'll get all but a $30 deposit back. 

Signing up:

    Since the yoga journey is a committed, small group class with a theme of letting your true self shine, I'm asking for an application before new students register. This is just an opportunity for me to ask a few questions to get to know you better, and to get a sense of what you'd like to get out of the class. I'll keep your answers private of course, but I'll use them to get a sense of the class and tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests of the students.

      To apply please call me at 713-0638 or email me to ask for an application. Until I can figure out how to load an email form here, I'm afraid you'll have to go to my Contact Page.


But it's the Fall! I've got a lot on my plate/know I'll have to miss a few classes, etc...

    It true, I always think of Fall as nose-to-grindstone season. I get it, schedules are busy! But with all things your decision to take the class comes down to a cost benefit analysis. Do you think you'll get enough benefit, spiritually and physically, to justify the commitment of your money and time? 

    The Fall Yoga Journey will be a transformational experience responsive to the needs of you and the other members of the class. We'll do meditations for intuition so you can better see your path forward, and yoga to strengthen your nervous system so you can meet the stress and challenges on your path.  Not just to endure, to Excel.  To excel with the sensitivity and heart of a Saint, and the strength and groundedness of a Warrior. That is the highest expression of the Radiant Body.   

     So if you have travel plans or other commitments this Fall, know that you'll still get a lot out of the classes you CAN attend. Included in the yoga journey is free admission to the monthly Saturday Drop In Classes. You may consider these four classes as make-ups for any weeks you miss.  If you ask I'll also provide copies or links to the yoga set and meditation we did on the class you missed. 

     Sometimes it's easy to make perfect the enemy of good. You'll probably get a lot out of this class, but you know the circumstances of your life: the timing might not be right. I hope this gives you the information you need to decide if the Yoga Journey will still be beneficial to you even if you know your attendance won't be perfect.

Can I physically do this?

     It will probably comfort you to know that some of my happiest and most enthusiastic students are 60+, and some of them can't sit cross legged on the floor! 

     Here's some basic guidelines: if you can go up and down stairs, get in and out of a car, and get down onto the floor and up again by yourself (even if you feel TOTALLY ungraceful while doing this), you can certainly do Kundalini yoga.

      Even though Kundalini Yoga is designed to physically challenge everyone, it is weirdly forgiving. I promise that you don't have to be pretzel-bendy or have the balance of a ninja to get a LOT of benefit.

       The hard Kundalini Yoga exercises tend to ask you to do something pretty simple: like lift your arm up to 60 degrees or lift your leg 6 inches off the floor, but then asks you to keep doing this for 2 or 3 minutes. Wow! Now something really simple is really challenging!

     So, what happens if you can't keep your arm or leg up for that long? You put it down. No wrathful bolt of lightning strikes you. You just rest for a few seconds and get back at it if you can. As long as you're authentically engage in doing the posture the best you can, you will get the benefit and build your body up from where you are. 

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes that let you move freely: i.e. sitting on the floor, waving your arms around, lifting your legs up, etc.

What if I can't sit still, or I've been too ADD to meditate successfully before?

     I've found the pace of Kundalini yoga to be well suited to folks who are a little restless, and have had many ADD students say it helps them to focus. If you've had trouble meditating, know there are TONS of different kinds of meditations, and that Kundalini Yoga meditations tend to be easier to stay focused on. I go into a lot more depth about that in this blog: “Help! I'm too ADD to meditate!”

This sounds great, but I'm really not sure I can do this…

     Some people are really nervous to try yoga for the first time (or again after a negative experience). I understand. If you need a little more support, I'd like to suggest taking a few 1 hour individual yoga lessons with me. Individual lessons are $60. You'll get learn without feeling self conscious about having other people there, and I can give you individually tailored modifications to all the basic kundalini yoga exercises so you can step into group classes with confidence.  If you'd feel more comfortable talking lessons with a friend. I'll see both of you at the rate of $80 a class.  

What if I decide the class is not for me?

     You will get a full refund minus $30 if you decide to drop the class before Sept 14th. The Fall Yoga Journey is a commitment, and I want each student to really lean into the structure of the class the community of fellow students. You attendance is very important to you, your classmates, and to the overall energy of the class. If you're new to Kundalini Yoga, or to me, I strongly suggest you attend the Aug. and Sept. Monthly Drop-In classes on at 10 am as well as one of the New Yogi Orientations on Sept. 5th. Listen deeply to your heart and  decide if the class, and the timing, is right for you. Rest assured, there will be other Yoga Journeys. 

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