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Helping sore and stressed people who want more physical ease and zest for life.

About Me

Lewiston ME Massage therapist

    Hello, I’m Sara Goodrich and since 2010 I’ve helped clients relax, heal, and connect to their spirits. I have a BA in English from Bryn Mawr College, and graduated from Cortiva Boston-Muscular Therapy Institute in Watertown, MA with a diploma in massage therapy. This was a 900 hour program based on Ben Benjamin's Muscular Therapy technique.

    I am also Reiki Level II certified and a Kundalini Research Institute certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, with continuing education on the Mind and Meditation and the contemplative healing practice of Sat Nam Rasayan. I’ve taught over 500 yoga classes and given over 700 massages and had a daily practice of yoga and meditation since 2005. 
      I do what I do because there is so much good work to be done in this world and we don’t have a moment to loose. I know that I personally can't make all the changes I want to see, but I'd like to think I can do my part to support others so that they have the energy, health and connection to spirit they need so they can give from the heart and help heal the world.

Ok, sounds pretty good, but what are you really like?

      I volunteer for a community development organization called Grow L+A trying to save historic buildings and revitalize downtown Lewiston and Auburn in Maine. I’m excited about walkability, sustainability and eating local. I love how L+A has a cozy downtown with beautiful old buildings and yet is minutes from great small farms too.
      For fun I read escapist literature: YA fantasy and Victorian novels are my top picks.  I also like weird movies: Tampopo, Napoleon Dynamite, and City of Lost Children are a few that come to mind. Feel free to geek out with me on this, I’m always looking for new authors and movies.

      I live in downtown Lewiston with my husband Ryan and cat Hari, and we’re working to transform our tiny back yard into an urban oasis full of herbs, veggies and sunflowers. Actually, Hari isn’t working toward this goal at all. You’ll meet this little diva if you come to one of my small group classes or yoga workshops.

I’ve seen the name Swaran Kaur around. Are you using two names?
    Yes indeed, I teach yoga under my spiritual name, Swaran Kaur. In the kundalini yoga tradition anyone can request a spiritual name. All our spiritual names have meanings, and they are both a prayer and a challenge. When someone calls me by my spiritual name they are giving me a blessing—and reminding me to live to my highest destiny.
    Swaran means “one who is a precious to God’s heart as the purest gold.” Kaur is given to all women and means “Princess or lioness who walks with power and grace.” My name reminds me to let go of my insecurities and give the precious gifts I have to offer.  
     Using Swaran Kaur when I teach honors the sacredness of Kundalini Yoga and reminds me that when I teach, I must leave my personal hang-ups at the door and be in service to my students and the teachings.

What if I call you by the wrong one?

You can’t call me by the wrong one. I love both my names and answer to either.  If you’ve known me as Sara first, see if you can stretch and call me by Swaran in yoga class, but don’t sweat it if “Sara” pops out.

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