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Helping sore and stressed people who want more physical ease and zest for life.

Massage and Reiki

Time to relax is time to heal.

     Your body, and your life, is different from anybody else's. It is important to me that your session is tailored to your needs and that you feel totally safe and supported. So please give yourself an extra 10 minutes before and after your session for an entrance and exit interview.

     To start we'll talk about what kind of massage is best for you (relaxation massage, muscle specific work & deep tissue massage, Reiki, pregnancy massage, scar work, etc.). At the end I'll check in again to ask how you feel, see if anything about the session can be improved for next time, and we'll talk together about a plan for moving forward.  

      I hope to see you soon! -Sara

Massage                                        Reiki    

30 min. ......... $47                          30 min. ........ $47 
45 min. ......... $62                          45 min. ........ $62
60 min. ......... $77
75 min. ......... $92                          

90 min. ......... $107

Cash Discount! $2 if you pay by cash or check. 

Pure Heaven
60 min. Massage & 30 min Reiki ........ $107                                                        

Massage muscular tension away and then float free from cares
in the deep relaxation of Reiki!

Slice of Heaven

45 min. Massage & 15 min. Reiki ........ $77

Gua Sha                                  
15 mins. of traditional Chinese skin scraping  ........ $27  

Is gratuity expected?
     No, but if you feel moved to give a tip, I will gratefully accept it as the gift it is. In the salon and spa world it is not necessary to tip the owner.  Since I own my own business, all of the profits of the business are mine. And if I find that my current rates do not allow me to sustain myself and my business, I have the power to adjust them accordingly. 
     However, you are expected to tip a massage therapist if they are an employee. Keep this in mind if you get a massage from a salon, spa or massage franchise. A therapist in this setting may only be getting paid a small percentage of your session fee, and they may be relying on tips for up to half their income. 

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