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Pain Management Massage

Do you want to try an natural approch to relieve pain?

Massage has helped many people manage pain. However, while s single massage is a great treat and it can certainly give you some relief, if you really want to solve a problem like chronic pain or stress, multiple sessions are usually needed. Why? Because massage acts more like a vitamin than a vaccine. Its effects are cumulative and massage counteracts the daily stresses we put on our bodies. If you’re in pain, please consider the:

Pain Relief Series

Is this for me?

Yes, if:

-  You have an overuse injury that’s starting to get in the way of enjoying life: your lower back, neck, forearms, or shoulder just hurt by the end of every work day. You want to stop feeling crummy!

-  You’ve had an injury, it’s been months or years, but you can still feel that something’s not quite right: you still hurt, you feel stiff or like the injured area is pulling on the rest of your body. You want to see if it’s possible to be closer to how you felt before the injury.

-  You’ve got an orthopedic issue and your Dr. is recommending surgery. You feel in your gut this may not be right for you. You want to try out something less invasive first. (Please note: this for those “gray area” type of surgery recommendations: when different doctors might have legitimate differences of opinion on whether surgery is the right choice for your situation.)

The Pain Relief Series is:                                

8 half hour sessions for $336.

At first massages are scheduled once or twice a week. This lets affected muscles release deeply held tension and gets proper circulation to affected tissues so they can heal. The goal is to “reset” the painful area and have you be pain free between massages. The massages would then be spaced out to every two weeks and then to every three weeks. If all goes well you’ll have significantly less or no pain between massages. Depending on the nature of your pain this series may do the trick. Others find that they need a regular maintenance massage every 3 or 4 weeks. This is especially true if the pain is due to a chronic condition, your work environment, or other activities you can't avoid (think: carrying kids around all day!).


OK, what if it doesn’t work?

     If you’re not feeling significant pain relief after the first 2 or 3 massages of this series, something else is going on. It’s time to go to your doctor if you haven’t already and dig a little deeper to see what the root cause of your pain is. Different healing techniques work for different people. Massage may not be right for your situation. If that’s the case, you’d be released from the series and money would be returned for any sessions you prepaid for.

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