Sara Goodrich, LMT

Helping sore and stressed people who want more physical ease and zest for life.

Is this you?

Not sure if you're in the right place? Check out the scenarios below and see if they are familiar.

- You’ve gone back to school and you’re proud of the example you’re setting for your kids, but between work, school, and family, the stress of balancing it all is giving you headaches. You feel like you haven’t had an hour to yourself for weeks.

- You like your job, but you’re driving for it all the time.  The stiffness and soreness in your shoulders and low back is mounting, and it’s starting to get in the way of enjoying your life.

- You’re passionate about your job in a helping profession, but the problems of those you help are so intense that you have trouble letting go an enjoying yourself outside of work. You’re worried that you’re on the road to burn out.

- You’ve reached so many of your goals in life: you have a job, a place to live, maybe even a family. You should celebrate, but sometimes if feels like you’re wearing yourself out running from commitment to commitment. You’re so tired, yet you feel like an essential part of you is not being expressed, and that all of your talents aren’t being used.

- You have a repetitive use injury, you’ve tried all the conventional treatments—maybe even surgery—but you're still not back to 100%.

- You’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or another chronic condition that leaves you in pain. You hurt everywhere and your body just seems to get stiffer and tighter day-by-day.

- You’re getting older and you used to be very physically active, but somehow that fell away & now you feel so stiff and sore. You want that ease of movement and comfort with your body back.

If one or more of these stories sounds like you, let me say that these are kinds of people who have really benefited from the work I do:

•    Recent retirees wanting a healthy and meaningful next stage of life
•    Mom’s balancing work and school
•    Truck drivers and sales people who drive a lot
•    Migraine and tension headache suffers
•    People with stiff, painful scar tissue after surgery
•    People with sciatic and low back pain
•    Office workers with repetitive stress injuries
•    People with Fibromyalgia and other painful chronic diseases
•    Teachers
•    Nurses
•    Counselors and therapists
•    Men and women

If that sounds like you, let me say that I've noticed that what I do works best if you have these values:

•    You are interest in natural methods of healing
•    You're curious about what you body has to teach you
•    You have a desire for Spiritual connection
•    You want to learn new things, challenge yourself, and laugh a little along the way
•    You have a sincere desire both to be yourself and to be of service.

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