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Helping sore and stressed people who want more physical ease and zest for life.

How it works

Ok, so what's the secret sauce?

You’ve already tried a quite a few things to feel better. You may have gone to your doctor, seen a chiropractor, or hit the gym again. Maybe you tried limbering up with wii yoga or calming yourself with guided mediation recordings or taken a stab at mindfulness. You’ve gotten some relief, but not as much as you want.

The reason you didn’t get as far as you hoped is because you’re caught in a catch-22: you know you need to deeply relax to connect to your inner wellspring of healing and inspiration, but this is REALLY hard to do in the midst of the whirlwind of your life.

My approach is based on setting you up so that you have the space and support you need to deeply relax and unlock the source of healing and wisdom within.

The process is based on three principles:

1. The right headspace.
     You need to be in a different state of mind than you usually are in order to connection to the sacred healing space within you. Think: meditation, prayer, or a very deeply relaxed state.

2. Connection to the body.
    The body is an important doorway to inner connection. The mind can be so distracting with its endless churn of thoughts and emotions. When you get out of your mind by getting back into your body, your mind quiets and you can more easily access deep healing and wisdom.

3. Practice makes (closer to) perfect
    Connection to your own inner healing space needs regular cultivation, practice and guidance from those who've been down this road before.  With time you can learn to reliably access this space for healing and wisdom as you face the challenges of life.  

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